Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Short Hair Styles for Mature Women

Hairstyles for Older Women: For all three styles pictured above, begin with freshly washed and towel dried hair-apply your favorite holding product i.e. gel or mousse and work through to ends to distribute product evenly. Comb hair into place with everything going in the direction you want it and allow to dry. Allowing hair to dry naturally or under a hood type dryer is best, although a blow dryer may be used if necessary-but the less heat you apply to your locks the better.

For a fuller, longer Pixie type cut such as Caroline Manzo’s pictured at left above-with fullness in the crown, more of a traditional look-for the office. You will use a medium barrel curling iron or medium sized hot rollers and wrap the crown area backward, the sides and back of hair down. Direct your bang area down over forehead. Spray all lightly with hairspray, and allow to dry completely.
Once dry, fluff with your fingers and backcomb (tease) with a pick where needed and use a bit of texturizing putty if desired to pull a few pieces in toward face and/or define bang.

If you are looking for that “mussed” look, for your short Pixie , such as shown in the center photo of Halle Berry- Use a texturizing product such as a putty and really get in there and have fun pulling your hair up in the crown, up and over to one side, a funky little bang, some fringes around your face. Just whatever you feel would look great, for a fun and flirty change!

Look to sexy Sharon Stone, for a sassy, sultry look. Just apply a styling spray with medium to extra holding ability to the root, holding strands up until they stiffen. Once you achieve the height you want, wind things up with an extra hold finishing spray or texturizing putty. When everything is in place just where you want it-give it all a good spray and Voila’, you are ready for that special occasion!


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