Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How to fake a nose job using makeup

Crooked Bridge
A crooked bridge is a very common issue with noses. The bridge can be crooked, sometimes symmetrically and sometimes asymmetrically. Now, anything that you darken on your face will recede, so the trick is to apply a darker cream or liquid foundation or concealer along the sides of your nose where the bone or cartilage sticks out, making the nose appear crooked. With these darker impressions, you can create the illusion of a more slim appearance. I like to start the lines where my eyebrows end and follow the curve down the sides of my nose, then blend it out for a more natural appearance.

A “Hanging” Nose
This is another common issue! Sometimes it bothers people when the tip of the nose dips down too low. No biggie! Just apply the contour color under the tip of your nose between your nostrils and blend out. It’s that simple. The darker shadow will ‘lift’ the nose; it’s one of the easiest and quickest tricks!

A Bulbous Tip
The tip of the nose is always a point of focus, and thankfully it’s really easy to contour. Just apply the darker contour shade along the sides of the nostrils, but bring the color in toward the center of the nose to create the illusion of a narrower tip. Examine the width of the area between the bridge of the nose and use this as a guide for how much area to cover with the contour shade. Blend out and you’re ready to go!


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