Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Pixie style is not for you? Think again

Have you ever tried the pixie cut? Is the short pixie cut for you? Check out these pictures for different ways to wear pixie hair styles. Depending on the cut, the look can be boyish or ultra feminine. Extra length in the bangs or at the crown create more styling options to play with. Check out these pixie cut pictures to find your next short hairstyle!

For a super feminine short hairstyle, try this cute pixie with bangs. More hair to play with makes this a versatile look – you can style it smooth for everyday, add some tousle for the weekend, or bring on the height for a special event. This is also one of the best pixie cuts for round faces. The longer hair and bangs can be styled to add height at the crown, elongating the face. Check out some pictures of Ginnifer Goodwin for inspiration.

The pixie cut puts your face front and center. From the side, this cropped cut emphasizes the angle of the jaw, cheekbones, and line of the neck. Play up the feature of your choice with earring, blush, or a statement necklace. Some length in front of the ear and at the neck adds feminine softness to this boyish cut.

Hair can be personalized even with the short length of a pixie cut. From the front, short bangs are worn at an angle across the forehead. A bit of length at the crown is worn tousled for some playful height. Another ket to this look is maintaining groomed brows. If you love these styles, why not try it this season?


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